Selling your home


Martin's guide to selling your home


Auctions are typically the most effective way to sell your property for the best price, in the shortest timeframe. They also leave you in control - you set the reserve, choose the possession date and have a high chance of an unconditional sale. Since buyers are in competition with each other to secure the property, there is no ceiling on price. Martin will recommend a marketing programme to help you attract as many potential buyers as possible and achieve a great result!


Putting your property on the market with a set price is easily understood and comfortable for buyers. However from the seller’s point of view, it tends to attract conditional offers and sets a ceiling price. Conversely, setting too high a price can result in a longer time on the market and end up lowering the actual selling price.

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Selling your home by negotiation can be a stressful and drawn out process. With no set price or end date, it can be viewed poorly by potential buyers, and provides no compelling motivation for them act quickly. If you decide to sell by negotiation, it’s crucial to have an experienced real estate agent, like Martin, to act on your behalf.


Increasing the exposure of your property can significantly boost the number of interested buyers, and ultimately increase the selling price. Most buyers will start their research online, however browsing through the newspaper is still ingrained for many. Using a variety of marketing methods including signboards, internet sites, print advertisements and letter box drops, will help you reach the greatest number of buyers.

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